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“Sprouted Soul is a collection of poems about journeys and growth. The poems cover a wide range of themes from love, spiritualism, enlightenment, and forgiveness. They generally have an uplifting, peaceful tone. I think there may even be a story about a womans journey through life here, as the poems often refer to a she, but thats just my interpretation. Each poem tends to be around five or six lines long (sometimes a little longer), so theyre bite-sized. In addition, each poem is accompanied by an image that depicts various natural scenery like snowy field, sunset skies, etc. The layout and formatting is well done, simple, but it looks nice. Overall this is a short collection of peaceful, calming poetry that I think poetry buffs and people looking for something to contemplate might enjoy.” By Akshat Singhal

“If you love poems, know someone who loves poems, are in love, if someone loves you
The inspiring mystical love poems in Sprouted Soul are for you!
Sprouted Soul: Whole- Souled Poems by Doobie is a soul lifting compilation of short poems that will touch your heart and enlighten your life. This is a short but powerful book that I found very moving and beautifully written. Every poem came with a picture that helped you to grasp the deeper meaning of these wonderful poems…”
Full review: By Paula at PaulaMS’ Giveaways, Reviews, & Freebies

“Though these were quick and simple poems each of them had their own uniqueness. They were also very meaningful and deep. I loved the pictures of Nature to compliment each poem. My favorites are Fearless, Forgive, Soul, Prayers and Dare.”
Full review: By SkullQueenWriter

“For those who are struggling to find the right rout for love, compassion, joy, and equanimity and also for you who fortunately are close; this book will take you one step ahead and be a true companion to your next spiritual adventures.
Sensitive, true and inspiring. I couldn’t resist and placed an order to another copy as a present to a good friend.”
Full review: By Yasmin Amichai

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